Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fourth Fight by Mary Abshire

Let's set the scene. I started Fourth Fight (Book 4 in the Heaven Sent series) by Mary Abshire around 11pm last night, thinking I would read for a bit and then get some sleep. WRONG! Having read several books by this author, including the first three books in this series, I should've known better. I finished the last page around 4am and my mind is still reeling.

For the technical stuff:
My rating: 5 out 5 stars
The book is well-written and fast-paced. It is written in third person POV with chapters alternating between the main characters. The steam level picks up in this one. It's not over the top and doesn't take away from the story, but the book is definitely 18+ in that respect. The story is gripping and gritty, and a definite page turner. 

For a quick recap of the series (as spoiler free as possible), Andrew is sent back from Heaven as punishment for his promiscuity. While back on Earth, his job is to kill specific demons who are disguised as humans. The troubled Emily joins him in his quest and the action begins. The two hunt a different demon in each book and each demon has a different profession, which makes each case that much more interesting. 

In this fourth book in the series, the relationship between Andrew and Emily has heated up and the two have grown closer. Emily's capacity for charging head-first into trouble gets her in way over her head and Andrew has a big decision to make. The reappearance of the colorful Troy, as always, adds a bit of spice to the story. Over the course of this series, I've grown to love these characters and Emily's ordeal in this one is absolutely heart-wrenching. Andrew is left with doubts about her future safety and has an important decision to make. 

As I've come to expect from this author, the story is full of emotions. Andrew has a touch of innocence about him that is so endearing and then will say something that leaves you with a gasp and an "I can't believe he just said that!" With Emily being a bit jaded, it makes for an interesting contrast between these two. Their dialogue and interactions are oh, so sweet at times, humorous at others, and quite provocative at other times. 

I won't give spoilers, so I'll just say that the end of this one left me with an "Oh, no! She didn't just do that!" (No joke, I woke my husband when I exclaimed those exact words at 4am). So, now I'm left with need to read the next in the series - RIGHT NOW! Thank Goodness it's available. 

I highly recommend this whole series to anyone who enjoys a good PNR with action and suspense. 

Mary Abshire's books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, as well as a few others. I'm including some links here for your convenience. Be sure to check her out, you won't be disappointed!

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