Friday, June 2, 2017

Boys in the Field by Van Cole

Last night I read Van Cole's newest release, Boys in the Field. The book is about an hour's read time, so it was perfect for a quick, bedtime read.

My Rating: 4 out 5 stars
The book is well-written in third person POV with chapters alternating between the two main characters. It is MM and does have some heat, so I would recommend 18+. The characters are baseball players, but I wouldn't necessarily call this a sports romance - other than a small bit of talk about practice and some press conferences, there really isn't much about the sport.

I've read a few books by Van Cole and I have to say, Will and Gabe's story is my favorite. Will is attracted to Gabe, but there's a problem - Will is straight. Or at least he has been until Gabe joins his team. While there is a small bit of drama, it's quickly resolved and you don't get all the angst that usually comes with a first time gay romance. There is a bit of trepidation on Will's part, but considering the length of the book, there really wasn't time for the build-up that is usually seen in books of this genre.

The only drawback for me is that I wanted more of Will and Gabe's story. I like short stories and often enjoy them for lunch or bedtime reads, but I liked these characters enough that I felt like they deserved more to their story. I suppose that is a good sign that the author has done his job, right?

Well, I suppose there is one more drawback. If I see "Sports Romance" on a cover, I expect a sports romance, with actual talk of the game at some point. Sorry if it seems that I'm nitpicking, but I'm the same way with any genre, if that's what it says, that's what I expect.

I will say that this is the best written story that I've read by this author and it has been a joy to watch his writing improve with each book. Considering the length, this story had the potential to be bland or even cheesy, but it wasn't. Overall, it's a fast, enjoyable read that left me with a smile at the end.

Boys in the Field is available for purchase at Amazon and I've included the link here, for your convenience.

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