Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fiancée for Hire by Melinda Minx

Yesterday, I had some shopping to do. I loathe shopping, and yes, I realize that puts me in the minority if you believe the stereotypes, but it's true. So, I pulled up Melinda Minx's newest release, Fiancée for Hire, turned on the text-to-speech app, plugged in my earbuds, and away I went. I realize that probably makes me appear antisocial, but after working in retail, I have no patience for the crowds or the rudeness of some people, so I listen to my book and take a leisurely stroll through the grocery aisles - keeps my blood pressure levels down and the road rage with a shopping cart to a minimum.😏

My Rating: 4 out 5 stars
The book is an entertaining story, written in first person, multi POV with the bulk of the story told from the perspectives of the two main characters, Liam and Amber. It fits nicely into the Romance genre with the added bonus of some intrigue and a bit of humor. It is steamy so certainly 18+ and has no cheating and a happily ever after. (No spoilers there - it's in the blurb.) Of course, we get some eye candy for the cover - Yum!

From the title alone, it's pretty easy to tell what this one is about. A billionaire needs to be engaged, but doesn't have any desire to actually be married, a girl needs money and accepts his offer, naturally, they fall in love. We've seen this particular line quite a lot lately, right?

So, what's different about this one? Well, it's not the usual - we meet, can't keep our hands off each other constant sex, and all of a sudden, we're in love story. That's it, the end. Nope, not from Melinda Minx. There was instant attraction and there was plenty of sex, but, there was also some intrigue from an obsessed ex, a rather persistent fellow who wouldn't give up, and some make me giggle humor along the way. All of this made for a story that I wanted to read and enjoy, rather than just wanted to get to the end so they could have their happily ever after.

The characters were interesting and fun to read. We have Liam, who is cocky and self-assured on the surface, Amber, who has no trouble telling Liam exactly what she thinks about wealthy people who practically bleed money, and of course, their instant attraction for each other. Throw in James, Liam's assistant, who is a fun character - one that I'd like to see as a main character! (Hint Hint) And then we have the characters who add the drama - Cynthia, the obsessed ex who goes to some pretty extreme lengths to get what she wants, and Anton, a rather sad little fellow, that I could almost feel sorry for. Almost, but not quite, especially when he becomes a bigger part of the problem.

Then, we have the added bonus of a bit of funny. I love some humor in a story. It helps to break up all the serious, and we all need some humor in our lives. As I mentioned, I was listening as I shopped, so, I got a few odd looks when I would chuckle audibly. When you're standing in the aisle, alone, looking at bags of flour, people seem to find it a bit strange that you're laughing and they don't know why - go figure. Anyway, I quite enjoyed those funny bits. "Did he pay you to say his name like that?" I loved it! I don't do spoilers, but couldn't resist adding that part. You'll have to read the book to see what it means. 😉

Overall, Fiancée for Hire is a mostly lighthearted, entertaining read that I have no problem recommending. If you enjoy romance with a bit of humor, check it out. The book is available at Amazon, here, and for only 99¢, it's a steal!

Here's the link, one more time, for your convenience.

Amazon US

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