Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rise by Sierra Cross

I had to take my daughter to the oral surgeon today and we all know that typically means plenty of time in a waiting room. I always take a book along for such occasions and today's was Sierra Cross' Rise, the first book in her Coven of Fire series.

My Rating: 5 out 5 stars
Rise is well-written in first person POV. The story is told from the perspective of our heroine, Alix, a witch without magic - or Wont, as it's called in Sierra Cross' world of magic. Speaking of the author's world of magic, there's some excellent world building in this one. The characters and story are interesting and the dialogue is witty and often quite humorous. The book fits very nicely into the Urban Fantasy genre.

I love a good Urban Fantasy, but I often have trouble finding one that I can immerse myself in and truly enjoy. When I started this one, the first thing I came across was the Glossary of Terms. At that point, my first thought was Uh-oh, this is gonna be high fantasy, since so many high fantasy novels do tend to come with a glossary, and honestly, while I love Urban Fantasy, I'm not as crazy about high fantasy. But, I digress, upon reading through the glossary, I realized that it's more of tool for knowing certain terms as the story goes. Once I started the actual story, I quickly found myself pulled into the tale.

Cross has woven a tale of supernatural beings hiding in plain sight. It's a story of good versus evil with witches, warlocks, guardians, shifters, and demons - I'll let you read the book to find out what purpose each of those serves in this magical world.

Overall, the story sets a good pace and sets up an intriguing world that I will be revisiting in the next book. It's most definitely a solid start to a series.

Rise is available in paperback format at Amazon, here. I haven't heard anything about an ebook format, but I can't imagine a reason for it not to happen. It is such and interesting story and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy.

Now, I'm off to find my next great read.

Thanks for joining me!


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