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Shifter Royal Dynasty Series by Becca Fanning

Shew! It has been a busy weekend here in Mommaland - gardening and sewing, which I love, and household and grocery shopping, which I loathe, but my crazies get a bit, umm, crazier when the fridge gets bare. 😀
In between all that, I read Becca Fanning's newest series, the Shifter Royal Dynasty books, Legacy, Prophecy, and Destiny. I've been a fan of Becca and her bears for a while now, and this series just strengthens that feeling. It's soooo good! And check out those covers - aren't they scrumptious?!

My Rating: 5 out 5 stars
The books are wonderfully written in third person POV. The series is full of developed characters - some you'll love and some you'll hate, and sometimes it's both! The author released all three books on the same day, and given the attention to detail, that had to be a huge undertaking. There are some sexy times, and while those moments may seem to be at odd times in the story, when you think about what's going on in the lives of these characters, those moments are pretty perfectly placed. Paranormal Romance is an apt description of the genre, but there's so much more to this series than just the romance between the two main characters. Action, adventure, intrigue, political thriller - just to name a few.

I was blown away by this whole series! As I've stated, I was already a fan of this author, but in my humble opinion, these three books are her best yet. I won't go into too much detail here, so as not to give spoilers, but I couldn't get enough of this couple and their story.

The series focuses on Korrin, reluctant King of the Romani shifter clan, and Kris, no-nonsense college student. Seems like an unlikely pair, right? That's what I thought at the beginning, but these two seemingly opposite characters find out that they may just be exactly perfect for each other. (No spoilers here, if you read Fanning, you know we always get a happy ending.)

While I completely enjoyed the romance side of this tale, I was most impressed with Fanning's attention to detail and the intricacies of the shifter kingdom. The series is packed full of action, intrigue, betrayal, loss, love, commitment, and trust. The more things heat up in the story, the less our reluctant king knows who he can trust. And fair warning, just when you think you know who's loyal to the king and who isn't, you're probably wrong. Every time I thought I had it all figured out, Becca threw another wrench into the works, and I would be floundering again. I love when a story keeps me guessing, and this one certainly did, from the very beginning.

We also can't forget our heroine in this tale. Kris may be human and discounted by the shifters as less than them, but she proves herself more than capable. Her no-nonsense attitude and ability to protect herself, even when she's thrown into a world she knows nothing about, shows just how apt the word heroine is for her.

I have to add that while I love shifter stories and the fact that a book is about shifters is often what entices me to read it, this series was so much more than that. In all honesty, you could take out all the shifter stuff and made it about just the Romani travelers and I still would've loved every bit of it. It was that good! The bears were just an added bonus.

Overall, this series is about the love and commitment of two people and what they'll do to stay together in the face of so much turmoil and prejudice. It's a tale of a kingdom in unrest and fighting to do what's right, even while others do their level best to tear you down.

Well done, Ms Fanning, well done!

The books are available at Amazon and I'm including the links here. They're also listed on Kindle Unlimited, if you're a member. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.


Thanks for joining me!

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