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A Song for the Sea by Caitlin Carrigan

I just finished A Song for the Sea by Caitlin Carrigan and I must say that while I had some issues with certain things in the story, this author's writing style is quite captivating.

Momma Says 3 out 5 stars⭐⭐⭐

A Song for the Sea is a beautifully written tale. The story is written in both first person and third person POV. The first person chapters are from the perspective of our heroine, Catherine, while everything else is in third person. I can't believe I'm saying this, but that didn't take away from the story at all for me. In most cases, the switch in POV like that would be a distraction, but Carrigan's talent does it wonderfully. The story is a Contempory Romance with a touch of the supernatural. There are some adult situations and a bit of steam, so I would recommend adult audiences on this one. Now, for the cover! Isn't it gorgeous?

Cape Split is the perfect place to practice witchcraft. At least Catherine Craig thinks so. A nurse and wife, Catherine fights against the isolation of a life in Cape Split with magical egg rites, wishing stones, and an odd cast of characters: a prickly gossip whose marriage is falling apart; a lobster fisherman who'd rather drown in bourbon than accept friendship; and Catherine's own husband, whose fear of fatherhood has made him more and more distant with each passing day. If only there was a magic potion for that.

As Cape Split threatens to take everything she holds most dear, Catherine discovers which friends are meant to stay, which dreams are meant to come true – and whether her love is the kind worth fighting for. A SONG FOR THE SEA is a story of friendship, hope, loss, and love, and shows that with a little magic, even the darkest storms can be weathered.


I was absolutely blown away by the talent of Caitlin Carrigan. Her writing style is one that quickly pulls a reader in with descriptive prose and brilliant characters. I absolutely loved Lester, in all of his cantankerous glory! 

I'm not at all familiar with fishing boats or much of anything related to lobsters, other than how to eat them.😋 When I realized how much of the book was devoted to this topic, I was a bit worried that I would be lost, but the author's description of the profession was quite interesting and an integral part of the story. 

As mentioned, there is a touch of the supernatural in this one, but if you don't care for Paranormal Romance, don't let that deter you. Catherine does have a bit of the mystical about her, but it's not at all overdone and that isn't the main theme of the story. The bit of magic is just a part of who Catherine is and it added to the tale for me. 

Now, I suppose you're wondering why the three-star rating with all of this praise. The only drawback in this tale, at least for me, was that a large portion of the beginning of the book was taken up with the lack of bodily functions during a particularly bad stomach bug, including the, umm, explosive descriptions and where these explosions were coming from. Catherine's husband was miserably sick. She took care of and cleaned up after him when he couldn't clean up after himself. That's love. That's really all I needed to know on the subject. I didn't need the pages upon pages on the topic, and quite honestly, it didn't add anything to story for me. In fact, it became a bit tedious and took away from what was otherwise a beautifully written tale. There were so many wonderful things described to show the love and dedication between Catherine and Emery, but that part certainly wasn't one of them. I may be in the minority here, but those types of bodily functions aren't interesting to me. At all. This all may seem like a small thing to most people, but had I not agreed to read and review, I'm not sure I would've pushed on past that point in the book. I am glad that I did as the story was well worth the read once I was past that part.

If you enjoy Contemporary Romance, don't let my issues deter you from reading this one. As I said, the author is quite talented and that one thing will not turn me off from reading other works by her - hopefully with a little less stomach bug descriptions. 

A Song for the Sea is available for purchase at the following links. 

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