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✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ The Awakening Series by Jane Hinchey

I spent my weekend working in the garden, canning, and reading Jane Hinchey's Awakening Series. There's nothing better than a good Urban Fantasy series to take you away from what seems like endless weeding, picking, cleaning, chopping, and processing. 😫

Momma Says: 4 out of 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Awakening Series is well-written in third person POV. The series is three books in a continuing story, revolving around Georgia and Zac. It fits well into the Urban Fantasy genre with vampires, shifters, and witches, angels, and demons. It's not instalove, but it is insta-attraction and pretty steamy, so I would recommend 18+.

**Since this is a series review, I'll give you the covers and blurbs, along with buy links first, and my review will be at the bottom. 

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Now for the books!

Georgia Pearce possesses remarkable psychic abilities. When she discovers an ancient dagger hidden in her workshop, she knows it can only mean one thing. Trouble.

Trouble arrives in the form of Zak Goodwin, an entity more powerful – and definitely sexier – than any she’s come across before. However, when a horde of dangerous vampires show up and threaten Georgia and her sister, she has no choice but to ask Zak for help.

Along with a shifter cop, a band of vampire warriors, and her own psychic skills, Georgia sets out to stop the awakening of an immortal vampire who has the power to destroy the world -- and discovers that staying alive isn’t nearly as dangerous as falling in love.

If you like fast-paced paranormal romantic suspense, thrilling heroes, and sassy, kick-ass heroines then you’ll love the first installment of the Awakening series by Jane Hinchey.

Buy First Blade to begin the breathtaking adventure of Georgia and Zak today!

Sometimes being a psychic vampire can, well, suck. And since Georgia was turned by her sexy hybrid boyfriend Zak, she’s been wallowing in regret. But when her long absent Aunt turns up on her doorstep, convinced that Georgia is a witch, she has to pull herself together.

In the meantime, the Witch Hunter has woken and he wants nothing more than to obliterate every last witch from the planet. Starting with Georgia and her Aunt. His plan of attack? Take control of Zak’s body. 

Zak not being himself has put a serious crimp in her sex life, but there are other things to consider, like how to create the mother of all spells that will immobilize the Hunter – and save a coven of witches. To find the answers she seeks and recover what she’s lost will take all of Georgia’s courage and a touch of the power she feels flowing like electricity through her veins, but she’s up to the challenge. 

First Witch is the second book in Jane Hinchey’s paranormal romantic suspense series, Awakening. If you like sexy vampires, sultry witches, and kickass action, you’re going to love First Witch.

Pregnancy isn’t easy when your baby daddy is a crazy overprotective angel-vampire hybrid and there’s a kidnapper on the loose. 

Georgia Pearce is with child, carrying a baby destined to begin the next generation of powerful witches. As if a mysterious prophecy and a new (dysfunctional) family wasn’t enough to deal with, all of Georgia’s hard work to rebuild her coven is ruined when witches start vanishing. 

Georgia investigates, only to find that the kidnapper has ties to her lover Zak Goodwin, and is more family than foe. He has big plans to turn the planet into heaven on earth, though his idea of heaven resembles hell more than paradise. The only one standing in his way? Georgia.

As she fights to bring this dark angel down, she dives deeper and deeper into Zak’s forgotten past. The romance between them sparks and ignites, only to explode into a fire no one sees coming. Even Georgia’s powers aren’t enough to stop the evil that seeks to destroy her and her child. Has her magic finally met its match? 

The most suspenseful and shocking book in the Awakening series yet, First Blood is a hot and sexy urban fantasy full of action, magic, shifters, and adventure. This paranormal romance by author Jane Hinchey is certain to leave readers breathless.

The story follows the romance and adventures of Georgia and Zac as they find their way together and learn what fate has in store for them. 

I read First Blade about a year or so ago and at that time, it was written as a standalone. Along with some grammatical errors, there was also the feeling that Georgia and Zac's story wasn't finished. At that time, I was on the fence about this one. When I heard that the book had been tweaked and was now part of a continuing series, I reread it and came off that fence quite quickly.
In this first book in the series, Georgia is psychic, often getting visions of other's future. Bring in Zac, the sexy angel/vampire hybrid and things escalate rapidly. Georgia frustrated me in this one with her attitude and tantrums. I could understand her reasoning for some of it, but she came across like an angry teen more often than not, rather than an adult who co-owns a business. That aside, the other characters were likable and the story flows nicely with plenty of action to keep things moving. The attraction between Georgia and Zac was palpable in its intensity and the suspense of the connection between the ring and blade add to the suspense. There were some unanswered questions, but that's to be expected in a continuing story. 

The intensity picks up in First Witch with Georgia, now a vampire, learning that she's also a witch. There's a hunter looking for Georgia and the tale gets quite creepy when he comes on the scene. The story is fast-paced and packed with suspense, action, betrayal, and some great twists and turns (the one at the end is a whopper). We do learn more about the ring and the blade and the connection between them, but the reason for their creation is still a mystery. 

That brings us to First Blood, the final book in the Awakening series. As with the first two books in this series, there's plenty of action and suspense as the big bad is finally revealed. Georgia has grown on me throughout this series and I've enjoyed watching the character develop and grow as the story has progressed. With impending motherhood, she's finally reached a level of maturity. She still has quite the temper, and often acts when she should plan, but she shows just how strong she is in this final book. With more power than even she knows she has, she still has her work cut out for her and realizes that she can't do it all alone. The continuing questions about the ring and dagger are answered as well as Zac's very long past as the couple prepares for parenthood and what they hope is a happily ever after. 

Overall, the whole series is entertaining and held my interest throughout. I would've liked to have seen a bit more of Zac's warriors. They were intriguing characters in their own right and I found myself wanting to know their stories. Other than that, Zac and Georgia's story is full of action, adventure, suspense, romance, and some steamy fun and in my opinion, the story gets better with each book. 
I did hear that a couple of spin-offs are in the works, so maybe I'll get to see more of the warriors there. 😏

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