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✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Mind Games Trilogy by Gabi Moore

I reviewed each book in Gabi Moore's Mind Games Trilogy separately as they released, but when I learned that they'd been released as a boxset, I had to give it another mention. If you like Dark Romance, I highly recommend this set. And to sweeten the deal, Gabi Moore has it priced at 99¢. Three books for less than a dollar. (Price at the time of this post).

✱I'll include the links (at the end of this post) for my separate reviews of each book in case you want more details. For the purposes of this review, I'll be speaking about the trilogy as a whole.😊

Momma Says: 5 out 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Mind Games Trilogy is beautifully written in first person POV, but it's a bit out of the norm in that the character is actually speaking to the reader. It fits perfectly into the Dark Romance and Romantic Suspense genres. The steam level is high and the themes are most certainly adult, so I recommend 18+ audiences.

The love story I’m about to tell you is the purest and most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. But it all began in the darkest, ugliest way possible...

The love story I’m about to tell you is the 
purest and most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. 
But it all began in the darkest, ugliest way possible.

Forget what you know about power and domination.
Yes, this is a story of submission,
but real submission, 
where the stakes are real and the cost is high.

This is a story like all other good stories. 
It has good guys and bad guys, scary parts and naughty parts. 
And it has me, 
someone who thought they knew how the story would end, 
just like you think you do right now. 

I’ve done some kinky shit in my time, believe me, 
but nothing could have prepared me for that last taboo, 
that deepest humiliation, 
the pleasure I had long forbidden myself
... love.

It was revenge that led me to her at first, I’ll admit it. 

I thought I had her pegged. 
I thought I knew what I was getting into, 
but I underestimated her. 

I'm a powerful man. Getting others to bend to 
my will is second nature to me. 
But something about her made me want to tear away 
at all that and see what was hiding underneath.

But she had no idea who I could be, 
or how dark the truth really was...

Cutting myself off from the Cane empire? 
Incurring the wrath of some of the most powerful men in the country? 

I could abandon her; 
let her take the fall and walk away from all of this.
Or I could run with her now and do my best to protect her...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

***With this trilogy comes plenty of steam, money, danger, spies, corruption, subterfuge, and of course, a GUARANTEED HEA!

Book 1: Mindfuck (told from Nora's perspective)
Book 2: Mind Games (told from Dean's perspective)
Book 3: Mindgasm (told from both Nora's and Dean's perspective)


Speaking directly to the audience in a book is generally not done. It's hard to pull off and keep the flow of the story, but Gabi Moore does it wonderfully in this trilogy. It felt like an intimate, one-on-one conversation with the character telling you their most private thoughts and secrets. While you may not agree with their actions, you can't stop "listening" to their story. 
The trilogy is the continuing story of Nora and Dean - their romance, their inner darkness, their kinks, and the lengths they'll go for each other. Each book adds a new twist and just when you think you know where the story is headed, guess again. 
Gabi Moore shows just how good she is in this trilogy and if I weren't already a fan, this one would convince me. It's deliciously dark, twisted, romantic, suspenseful, steamy, and captivating, all rolled into a mind-blowing tale that I couldn't put down. 
If you enjoy dark romantic suspense, I highly recommend this one.

Links to the individual book reviews.

The Mind Games Trilogy is available on Amazon and is currently priced at 99¢. Check it out! If you like Dark Romantic Suspense, you won't be disappointed. 

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