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✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Single Dad Seal by Charlize Starr

My crazy's just had to watch Decendants 2 this evening, which left me time for a quick read. I curled up in my comfy chair and cracked open Charlize Starr's Single Dad SEAL.

Momma Says: 2 out 5 stars⭐⭐

Single Dad SEAL is written in first person, dual POV with chapters alternating between main characters, Luke and Emma. It is a Second Chance Romance and is novella length (about an hour's read time). This one is certainly steamy, so an 18+ recommendation. 

He was my secret high school crush. He gave me my first kiss. Now he’s a Navy SEAL and the most infuriating pr*ck in the world. But I’m stuck in his attic. And he just caught me naked in the shower. It’s all daddy’s fault.


They all want me to steal their V-card, and I happily oblige. 
I’m a player and it’s my game. 
I have no time for love. I’ve seen too much in the war zone. Plus I have a small son to take care of.
But there she is. My new housemate. 
Little Emma’s all grown up. 
She’s beyond off limits. She’s the Commander’s daughter. 
But those curves beg to be touched. 
So when I catch her red-handed watching me with one of my ladies, I know exactly how she’s gonna pay me back. 
She doesn’t stand a chance.
I’m gonna take her virginity. 
I’m gonna command her what to do.
And she’ll beg me for more.

Until I’m the one begging. Where the hell is she? Where’s our baby? 

There's just something sexy about a single dad caring for his child, which is what drew me to this one. Considering the length of this one, I didn't expect a lot of depth. Usually, with a story like this one, I expect to get instalove, lots of steam, and a happily ever after. Well, I suppose I did get those things, but what I didn't expect was the complete suspension of belief that would be required. I get that it's fiction, but the story has to make sense in the world that it's set in and this one went a little too far for me to wrap my head around it - Luke being a Navy Colonel was just one of the things that stuck out for me. If I'm not mistaken, that would be Captain, not Colonel. 
I usually enjoy a good bad boy romance, but the thing that draws me to them is the redemption of said bad boy when he finds that one woman who makes him want to be redeemed. I didn't find Luke a likable character from the beginning and him continuing to sleep around for months after Emma left didn't help to endear him to me. Also, the description of Emma from Luke's point of view was, in my opinion, left something to be desired. Keeping in mind that Emma is a big, beautiful woman, Luke sees her naked and stepping out of the shower. While he likes what he sees, the wording used would not lead me to believe it and frankly, I found it a bit offensive and not the least bit sexy. 
The steam in this one is certainly hot, but there were just too many other things that I couldn't overlook. 

That's just my 2¢ worth, so by all means, read the blurb and if it sounds like something you'd enjoy, check it out. 
Single Dad SEAL is available on Amazon and is listed in Kindle Unlimited. 

**Advanced Reader Copy provided by Heartbeat Reads

Thanks for joining me! I have the newest installment of a continuing series loaded up for my next read. 


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