Saturday, July 1, 2017

Caden by Brie Paisley

I just finished Caden by Brie Paisley. It's the second book in the Harlow Brothers series and works as a standalone, but now that I've read this one, I'm feeling the need to check out the first book.

Momma Says 4 out 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Caden is well-written in first person, dual POV with chapters alternating between main characters, Caden and Savannah. It fits well into the Romantic Comedy genre with its witty banter throughout. There are some steamy times, so I recommend adult audiences.

*Advanced Reader Copy provided by Dreams and Screams Bookaholics

I knew she was the one the moment I laid eyes on her.
She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and I never dreamed of finding her in my hometown. Savannah Owens seems lost and wants to find a place where she feels as if she belongs. What she doesn’t realize is she’s already found it. When I uncover a long buried secret, I know it’ll change everything Savannah and I have. Secrets never stay hidden, and once the truth about Savannah’s past is revealed, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her and make her mine forever.

All I’ve ever wanted was to find a place where I belong.
A place that I actually fit in and don’t feel like an outsider. When I met Caden Harlow, I thought I found my home. He’s everything I need to make my life seem almost perfect. No matter how much I try to stay away, something always pulls me back to him. But the urge to get the answers I’ve longed for, outweighs my feelings for him. I have to find the truth, if only to put an end to my insecurity of never being wanted and truly loved.

As stated, Caden is part of Brie Paisley's Harlow Brothers series, but it does work as a standalone. However, I quickly became invested in the lives of the Harlow family and now want to read the first book in the series, Carter

Caden is a bit lengthy, but the banter between the Harlow siblings does a good job of keeping things light and fun. There is a bit of drama with the search for Savannah's birth mother, but it doesn't consume the story. The focus of the book is primarily on this couple and Caden's patience with working to win Savannah's trust. 

Overall, the story is fun, with witty and often humorous dialogue, a group of loyal and silly siblings, a man who knows "the one" when he sees her, and a woman learning to trust in relationships again.

Caden is available for purchase at the following links. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for joining me! I have some dark suspense loaded on my Kindle for my next read. 


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