Friday, August 11, 2017

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Winning Ace by Tracie Delaney

I'm not a big fan of lengthy romance sagas, but something about Tracie Delaney's Winning Ace appealed to me. 

Momma Says: 4 out 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Winning Ace is beautifully written in third person POV and fits very well into the Sports Romance genre and it also has elements of Suspense. It is the first book in the Winning Ace series and is a continuing story, so there is a cliffhanger. The story is quite steamy, so I recommend 18+.

What does journalist Tally McKenzie want more—the story or the man?
When the opportunity arises for Tally to meet tennis ace Cash Gallagher, she grabs it with both hands. Desperate to advance her career, she hides her true identity from the celebrity.

After the normally private Cash divulges personal information, Tally seizes her chance and writes an inflammatory article. Incensed, Cash confronts her, but the darling of centre court gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself passionately drawn to the woman he should detest.

Yet Cash is a man with secrets that could destroy his career. Dare he take the risk of intimacy with Tally, or is the cost too great, even for his perfect match?

*Please note this novel is written in British English and includes British idioms.

Winning Ace is the first novel in an overarching three book series and as such does not have an HEA.

Cash and Tally's romance took me by surprise with how truly compelling it was. The author's writing style and talent for story-telling pulled me in to the lives of these characters and I was riveted. Cash is arrogant, short tempered, and a playboy, and that suited him fine until Tally threw a wrench into the works. He also has secrets that very few people know about - secrets he won't even divulge to Tally as the relationship develops. Tally is quite endearing with her insecurities with Cash and his high-profile lifestyle. The character development of this pair was a big part of what makes this tale so captivating as Cash learns to trust his feelings and Tally learns to be more assertive. 
The blurb lets us know that this is a continuing story, so I knew that a cliffy was likely and it still got me! I was left with an, 'Oh, no, it can't end there!'. But, of course, it did and now I absolutely need to know what happens next for this couple - or are they a couple? Cash's secrets are yet to be told and from the build-up, they must be big and Tally is stuck between following her heart or her head. 

Winning Ace is available at Amazon and is listed in Kindle Unlimited. 

**Review copy courtesy of Shifted Sheets and the author.

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  1. Compelling, you summed up Tracie Delaney's writing and story telling in one word!

    1. Thanks! She was new to me and I was quite impressed!




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