Saturday, February 17, 2018

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated by Tom Starita

Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated
by Tom Starita

Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated is a classic coming-of-age story that takes a unique and comic look at what we all fear— having to grow up and abandon our dreams.

For a charismatic man like Lucas James, life is a breeze because everyone else provides the wind. This man-child front man for a mediocre cover band has been mooching off of his fiancée Jackie for years until she finally decides she's had enough. Faced with the reality of having no income to support his carefree lifestyle, Lucas James abandons his principles and gets a job working in the stockroom at, “That Store.” How does he cope with this new found sense of responsibility?

He casually steals...

In a life spent bucking authority how will Lucas James deal with his manager, 'Victor the Dictator'? How long can he survive Ralph, a starry-eyed coworker who desires nothing more than to be best friends? Will Lori, a twenty-something cashier, be like everyone else and fall for his charms? Will he ever find a place to live? And is “growing up” just another way of saying “selling out?”

With this hilarious and engaging novel, author Tom Starita perfectly captures a character we have all met and perhaps some of us know all too well.

Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated is available on Amazon and is listed in Kindle Unlimited.

Momma Says: 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This one was a little outside my normal reading preferences, but I'm always up for some humor and the premise sounded intriguing. Our narrator for this tale is Lucas James, a man who has managed to float through life without actually having to sacrifice or work for anything. He's lazy and at times it seems like he works harder to get out of work than what would actually be necessary to do the job. He's also quite the accomplished liar and manipulator - as long as neither takes much effort. Needless to say, Lucas James is not a likable character and I spent a good deal of this story waiting to see if he would eventually learn his lesson and grow up. Rather than say more on that and give the ending away, I'll move on. The book is well-written and witty, and like him or not, I did find myself chuckling at some of the mishaps and inner musings of the lackadaisical Lucas James who often speaks of himself in third person and for some strange reason is almost always called both his first and last name by the people in his life, including his mother, which if I were going to nitpick, is the one thing that I found bothersome in this one. 

**Review copy provided by the author.


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