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Virtual Book Tour: Spirit Warrior by Ella J. Smyth

Spirit Warrior
Spirit Walker
Book Three
Ella J. Smyth

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Unapologetic Romances

Date of Publication: 26th August 2018

ISBN: 9781386686910

Number of pages: 299
Word Count: 65600

Cover Artist: CoverMe Designs

Tagline: A mighty spirit walker with a personal grudge, set to destroy them both.

Book Description:

Adi and Honi journey to Southern Oklahoma to meet Honi’s Mekui’te tribe at the reservation where he grew up. Honi’s infectious excitement almost erases Adi’s apprehension at meeting his family, and she’s desperate to make a good impression.

When Adi is met with silent hostility that gets worse rather than better, she realizes there may be more to the initial resistance Honi had warned her to expect.

Honi is confused and hurt by his family’s reaction, and by Adi’s increasingly strange behavior. She’s claiming the spirit animals of his tribe are diseased and sickly, but they look just fine to him. On top of that, when Adi meets Honi’s ex, Nina, her jealousy gets way out of hand, and threatens to drive them apart.

While mysterious forces manipulate and distort their realities, can Honi and Adi join forces to figure out what is happening before it’s too late and they are separated forever?

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I’m checking the back of the house,” Adi called over her shoulder as she wandered off. Her tone clearly said, ‘you deal with it.’ Thanks, girlfriend. He glared at her back before blurting out, “So about your dreams. Do you get them a lot?”
Con’s eyebrows drew together as he stared at Honi. “Why do you want to know about my nightmares? You some kind of shrink?”
Honi grinned. “Nah, just… I get them, too. I’m sorry, I’m just being nosy.”
“That’s okay. I don’t mind. My mom says she doesn’t want to hear about my dreams because other people’s dreams are always boring. But…” Con trailed off before taking a deep breath and continuing, “I hate them. They’re so scary, sometimes I don’t want to go to sleep.”
Honi nodded encouragingly and waited. Con bit his lip, looking very young and unsure of himself. Honi had to fight off the urge to pull him into a hug. Family or not, he hardly knew the kid. There was something about him, though. Con reminded him of himself—not a kid anymore but definitely not a grownup either. Awkward, a little shy, in his own world. Con’s next words ripped him out of his thoughts and grabbed his entire attention.
“I wake up on top of a hill. There’s grass all around me. A sea of grass. Wind moves it like ocean waves. It’s really pretty, but in my dream, I know something isn’t right. Then they come. At first I just hear them, but then they jump out in front of me. I run. They are fast but I’m faster. Just when I think I’ve lost them, a woman stops me. She stands in front of me and grabs me by the throat. Then she lifts me up. She looks like a witch, and she’s super-strong. She says, ‘Where do you think you’re running to, little rabbit?’ Then she shakes me, and I can’t breathe. She says over and over, ‘Where is she, little rabbit? Where is she?’ I try to tell her I don’t know who she’s talking about, but her hand is so tight, I’m choking. Just when I’m sure I’m dying, I wake up.”
Honi stared at Con in shock. Tears were streaming down the kid’s face. When he noticed the wetness, he wiped at them, furious and embarrassed.
“You must think I’m a total wimp,” he whispered angrily.

Honi finally found his voice. “No, I don’t. That would scare anybody. And you have this dream, the same dream, every night?”

About the Author:

Unapologetic Romances Because Love Needs No Excuses

Growing up in Germany, Ella always had a passion for myths and fairytales. No surprise then that she married an Irishman and lived 6 years in Ireland, the country of Leipreachán, Sidhe, Púca and other fascinating creatures. There's nothing like walking at night through a deserted laneway, fog swirling around your feet, knowing that maybe, just maybe, on the other side of the hedge, there might be some old lady in a black cloak waiting for you...

If you got the shivers right now, you know why Ella feels compelled to write stories around the supernatural and paranormal. There's nothing like a delicious shudder making you enjoy life just a little more... Plus she’s a romantic.

So look forward to modern romantic stories set against the background of ancient myths and legends. Ella hopes you enjoy reading them as much as she enjoys writing them!

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