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Mindgasm by Gabi Moore

Gah! I've just finished the final book in Gabi Moore's Mind Games Trilogy, and I'm still reeling. Mindgasm was everything I expected and more!

Momma Says: 5 out of 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mindgasm is wonderfully written in first person, dual POV with chapters alternating between our main characters, Dean and Nora. This trilogy has been a bit different from most in that the characters are telling their story directly to the reader. (I'll explain more on that in a bit.) It is a Dark Romance and it's Gabi, so certainly steamy. With the steam and adult themes, I recommend 18+ on not just this one, but the whole trilogy.


You think it’s all about love. You think it’s about kindness and truth and beauty. Pain is a gift. I love you. And I’m going to hurt you...

Happily ever afters?
No such thing.
Life isn’t a fairy tale.

Once you kill the dragon and rescue the princess,
you start to wonder if maybe the princess
and the dragon needed each other,
and before you know it, another dragon appears,
and the slaying starts all over again.

Suddenly I have everything I’ve ever wanted.
And so much more.
Sometimes I wake up at night and have to
remind myself that I’m not dreaming,
and that the gorgeous man sleeping bare-chested
in the bed beside me is 100% real.
He loves me, and I love him.
But there’s something dark inside me.
I’m afraid of what I’m capable of,
afraid of how far I’m pushing things.

If flirting with death like this could ruin everything I love,
and could destroy my entire world and everything I fought so hard to hold onto,
then why does it feel so damn good?

Nora scares me.
But I can’t look away.
I don’t want to look away.

Every man feels like the woman he loves
is nothing like all the other women.
He feels like she’s another creature entirely,
not of this world, a rare prize he’s won.
I felt that way about Nora.
But I don’t even know where we’re going anymore.

Money is my thing.
I’m a businessman.
I excel in the world of solid rationality, of action,
and there hasn’t been a puzzle yet that can stump me for long.
But Nora…
Nora deals in a far stranger currency.
Her beautiful body is a riddle to me, her mind is a maze.
I would do anything for that woman,
but even I’m not sure if I have what she needs...


I've been a fan of Gabi Moore's work for some time now and like any fan, I have my favorites of her books. This trilogy has moved to the top of that list. Gabi's talent shines in all three books and when an author can stir up as many emotions as were stirred in these books, the author has done her job and done it well. 

I mentioned earlier that I would explain the POV thing, so I'll do my best. It's pretty common knowledge that speaking directly to the reader is a no-no and for the most part, I would tend to agree with that. It's hard to pull off effectively and I can probably count on one hand, the number of times that I've come across where it's worked. This trilogy is among that count. Imagine yourself in an intimate setting - a cozy table in the quiet corner of a restaurant or curled up in comfy chairs in a quiet room - just you and the character and they are telling you their story. You get completely lost in their tale, even the steamy bits. By the time I turned that last page of this third book, I felt like I knew Nora and Dean and knew them well - very well. It's that good!

I will admit that I went into this one foolishly thinking that I knew what to expect. I really should've known better and it didn't take me long to realize exactly that. The twists and turns in this deliciously dark tale took me on a journey that I won't soon forget. 

Nora and Dean may not have what most people would consider the perfect relationship, but that doesn't mean it's not perfect for them. To say too much about the story would give spoilers, so I'll just leave you with something to think about... What would you do for love? What wouldn't you do? Nora and Dean would find most people's limits laughable. 

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Mindgasm is available on Amazon and is listed in Kindle Unlimited. You can also find the whole Mind Games Trilogy on Gabi's Amazon Author Page. Check them out! I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys Dark Romance. 

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